Installation view, video Le Prince Noir, 11 min 04 sec, MASC foundation, Vienna June 2019. The film "Le Prince Noir" is a homage to the subversive act of the French motorcyclist "Pascal", who in September 1989 circumnavigated the 38-kilometer-long periphery of Paris in 11 minutes and 4 seconds and was never caught by the Paris police despite extensive searches. In the dark, the invisible, the glistening light, first invisible, then perceptible and visible, the movie is pre- sented as a space-filling installation with music composed by Sebastian Frisch. Twelve small black & white photographs from the “Periphe” in Paris complete the installation.
Installation view, paintings by Martin Kaltner, MASC foundation, Vienna June 2019
Installation view, 12 photographs, Periphe, Paris 2012, 28x26 cm, silver coated pigment prints MASC foundation, Vienna June 2019 The Periphe photographs - which in contrast to the movie are deprived of their sharpness - convey the feeling of no man's land, the border situation and the associated dehumanization of these urban areas, which can be found in many large cities of our world. The photographs and video were created in 2012 during a grant by the Austrian government at the Cité des Arts.